Hip Eponymous

> Greater Than

Debut album of Austin experimental rock duo > Greater Than

> GREATER THAN presents
Produced composed & performed by Krich & Trippo
Recorded 2001-2015 Mixed 2001-2017
Released March 13th 2017
©2017 Screwy Bastards Records SB2

KRICH guitars vocals glockenspiel sound effects
TRIPPO guitars vocals synth drum machine sound effects
with RANDY AKIN guitar solos on Did You Know Something About The Bloodletting?

This first full-length > Greater Than project, recorded mostly between 2001-2004, was significantly delayed between the completion of recording and its release due to a single guitar part on One Damn Thing After Another that Trippo wrote, but literally could not play correctly. After years of putting it off and taking abortive stabs at the part, Trippo decided to just rewrite the section and record it as an overdub. Much of the album is constructed from improvisations, recorded in 2001, which were cut up into sections and loops and used to create the framework for A Nice Lean Greeting, The Data Wheel, Immersion, Shaken Around And Brain Change Through, and K-ree K-raw. Once we built the basic tracks from the improvs, we finished them with overdubbed guitar and vocal parts. The remaining tracks are pre-written song collaborations except for Are We Here We Are which was excerpted from an improvisation recorded in 2003.