Things Are Really Good As They Really Should Be

> Greater Than

Augmented experimental rock improvisations

> GREATER THAN presents
Produced composed & performed by Krich & Trippo
Improvisations recorded June-August 2005, mixed, edited & overdubbed 2005-2018
Portions inspired by the novel Martian Time-Slip by Philip K. Dick
Released March 31st 2018
©2018 Screwy Bastards Records SB3

KRICH guitars vocals synth glockenspiel percussion
TRIPPO guitars vocals synth drum machine glockenspiel mbira tape recorder percussion

This project was built from six one hour-length improvisations recorded in the summer of 2005 that were sliced, spliced, and overdubbed to create an hour-length album. The improvisations were recorded using every instrument we had at our disposal, and we floated a microphone on either end of the small room we worked in to capture the sound in stereo. The results were generally okay, but the recordings suffered from too much midrange and there was very little separation (or volume control) of instruments. The vocals were often drowned out and the drum machine was never at the right volume, however, we covered these flaws by overdubbing vocals with pre-written lyrics (instead of the gibberish from the improvs) and adding bass and drum enhancements to fill out the dynamic range. The result is a refreshingly idiosyncratic and unpredictable cycle of songs with non-traditional, non-linear structures that creatively mesh the improvised elements with the deliberate ones.