Um, What Is Real?

> Greater Than

Eight chunks of non-commercially oriented avant garde improvisational madness

>GREATER THAN presents
Produced composed & performed by Krich & Trippo
Recorded 2007-2008 Mixed 2007-2022
Released April 17th 2023
©2023 Screwy Bastards Records SB7

KRICH guitar vocals percussion tape recorder
TRIPPO guitar vocals synth drum machine percussion tape recorder

During 2007-2008 > Greater Than recorded a series of experimental improvisations for a project referred to only as "Commercial Suicide", being inspired by a local radio program of the same name that features things specifically not designed for commercial consumption. Eight of these improvisations are presented in this project with minimal edits, post-production and overdubs, and all very engaged in commercial self-harm. The title of the project is an anagram of "I Am The Walrus".